:Contrato Shenyang

- Shenyang Cement Machinery, is one of the largest companies in CHINA supplying equipments for the CEMENT INDUSTRY. Located in a site with 122 thousand square meters, and built area of 41 thousand square meters.
- It is equipped with more than 400 sets of heavy equipments and many others with numerical control.
- The main products are : different types of equipments for the cement industry as well as equipments for steel mill, petroleum refineries and chemical industries.
- Shenyang is qualified for the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels class I and class II.
- Shenyang products are sold in more than 30 countries and continents, like South America, South of Asia, Europe , Middle East , etc.
- It is certified by ISO 9001 (Quality Control System), ISO 14000 (Environmental) and GB/T28001 (Occupational health and Safety Management System).

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